MACK #18: Comedians!

Comedians, I love them! I actually used to want to be one at some point but realized the rejection was more than I could take PLUS I’m not nearly funny enough.

However, luckily for me, there are tons of comedians that have done and continue to do their thing. Although a lot of them have recently become social justice warriors. To those comedians I say, “Fuck you!”

This week Dave and I each pick 4 comics who we love, play a clip or two and discuss how fucking funny they are.

Also we discuss two bands that long time friend-of-the-show and comedy writer Mark Levitt brought to our attention after listening to our Shoulda! episode (Episode #17). Fuzzy Duck and Mighty Baby. I like them both but really dig Fuzzy Duck a lot. Give them a listen! If you have a band that you think should have gone farther than they did, please do let us know.

AND! Our friend Pete insisted we take a gander at a youtuber. Roy Purdy. My reaction: He’s a goof ball who manages to get a huge number of views.  Dave’s reaction: [CENSORED] You’ll just have to listen for yourself.

Anyhoooooo, it’s another episode in the books!


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