MACK #78: Dave On . . . The Blues

Hiyo! It’s time for another Dave On episode, this week Dave talks to me about The Blues!

We chat about the origin of blues, what makes a song a blues song, and Dave basically shits on anyone who isn’t bluesy.

We play a lot of music and also go through a Top Ten Blues Songs Of All Times list from American Blues Scene. Well, we thought it was the Top Ten Blues Songs Of All Times list but it turns out it was the Top Ten Blues Song INTROS Of All Times. So our bad on that, but be that as it may, Dave is not happy about most of the list which is delightful for me. When I told him that the list wasn’t what we thought it was he said “WHO WOULD DO THAT? WHO MAKES A LIST LIKE THAT?” So, my guess is, had we known the true purpose of said list he’d have shat all over it anyway.

Shat is a word that needs to be used more often. Past tense people! Let’s make it a thing!

Anywhooooo, lots of blues, lots of clips lots of me not understanding what Dave means.

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MACK #71: 1966

Hiyooo good people! Today’s episode is all about the year 1966.

We thought it would be fun to dedicate some episodes to specific years. So, in this show we go over 1966’s music, movies, news and more.

And, of course we go off topic because that’s just the way of it.

Now, as far as music goes, Dave and I agree that 1966 was the Dawn of the Age of Classic Rock as we know it today. The Doors recorded their debut album, the first Acid Test at the Fillmore took place, and Bob Dylan’s Blonde on Blonde was released — all in 1966.

The times and the music were both a-changin’!

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MACK #68: Our Top 5 Favorite Black Music Artists

In this episode — and in honor of Black History Month — Dave and I dive into each of our Top Five Favorite Black Music Artists lists.

Dave has a real tough time with limiting his selection to just five. He came to the table with a very long list. The truth of the matter is if we did our Top Ten lists, this show would most likely be four hours long. While I do love each and every one of you, I just can’t see myself putting together a four hour podcast.

While we are going over our Top Five Favorite Black Music Artists list it’s clear that Dave had nothing but funk on his mind. We really do love the funk here! We do wind up having one band that made it to both of our Top Fives. As usual, Dave shares what he knows about each band and I fill us in on what wikipedia has to say. And of course there is music, a lot of music.

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Hey there folks! Welp, after last week’s show we found ourselves continuing the conversation about the top ten albums of

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MACK #28: Scrutiny! Dave On Various TOP 10 GUITARISTS OF ALL TIME Lists!

It’s time for another Scrutiny episode! This time we go through three Greatest Guitarists Of All Time lists.  The lists

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