Dave’s Reaction: Lettuce – Checker Wrecker

Welcome to our first Dave’s Reaction episode!

It looks like a lot of us are spending more time at home for the foreseeable future and that includes us. Personally I’m looking for more ways to entertain myself and you all during this real life downtime. In my opinion, nothing is more entertaining than Dave.

If you follow us on twitter you’ll know that I get a kick out of some of the music reaction videos that are out there.

I’m especially partial to Jamel_AKA_Jamal on youtube, in particular, his Steely Dan reactions. So, hat tip to him for inspiring this video.

We all know that our Dave has his opinions on various things, but his passion really is music. I decided I’d present him with a song I’d hoped he’d never heard before and, get his reaction on video as he listened to it for the first time.

After a little bit of a youtube search I found this song [Lettuce – Checker Wrecker] which had just been uploaded within the last week or two. I gave it a listen and it was sufficiently funky so I thought I’d present it to Dave.

Silly me! Sufficiently funky is never funky enough for our Dave.

Dave doesn’t hate the song but he has a lot to say about it, which is exactly what I was looking for!

I hope you all enjoy this! If you have a song you’d like to get Dave’s no-holds-barred reaction to, let me know on twitter or gab!

Be safe, take care, stay frosty.


PS For you folks on itunes, stitcher, tunein and googleplay we have the video of this reaction on our website at middleagedcoolkids.com

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