Dave’s Reaction: The Haggis Horns – Haggis Express

I tried to please Dave with this one but Dave is Dave and he hears things differently than me. And maybe you too.

Somehow he has a knack for figuring out where bands are from. Not sure how he does that. It’s a superpower maybe. Occasionally he gets it wrong so maybe he hasn’t yet learned to control that superpower. Anywhooooo, pretty quickly he picks out that these guys are not from this side of the pond. Fee Fie Fo! He is also 100% correct about which gentlemen are the drummer and bassist. That’s our Dave!

That all being said, he doesn’t dislike everything here but certain elements seem “square” to him and apparently there’s not much worse for him than square funk. Some stuff he likes though, which made me feel a little better because — truth be told — I found this to be really fun to listen to.

Also, this band is a very well-employed working session group [backing up some folks that Dave is highly complimentary of!], so definitely check out their impressive resume! http://www.thehaggishorns.com/about/

PS The band whose name escaped Dave briefly during this video was The Greyboy Allstars.