MACK #85: Ghislaine Maxwell

As of this episode’s posting, Ghislaine Maxwell has not yet been suicided by the Clintons and remains in FBI custody. But that could all change at any moment.

As you may or may not know Ghislaine Maxwell was Jeffrey Epstein (did not kill himself)’s right hand woman, co-dependent deviant behavior enabler, underage girl procurer, assistant, one time gal pal, etc etc etc. Together they were pieces of shit, preying on young girls, grooming them for future abuse sessions with Epstein. Sometimes Ghislaine joined in, sometimes she just watched.

Thank God she has been arrested. This can go a few ways and I guess we’ll all have to wait and see whether she sings like a canary, which at least one of her victims thinks will be the case OR if she goes to jail — most likely for life if she is found guilty of these numerous charges mentioned in the indictment released recently.

Dave and I discuss the indictment as well as a recent 60 Minutes Australia report I watched on youtube. We play some clips from this and discuss some of the young ladies included in the report.

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MACK #84: Story Time! Blonde Reckoning!

This week our Dave is recording music so I thought it would be a great time to discuss Blonde Reckoning! 

Blonde Reckoning is a fifteen minute or so short script I wrote some years back for a popular youtuber. Lots of yada yada yadas later and it became a novel, which I shamelessly plug sometimes when I can remember.

The original script is the inspiration for the novel but it isn’t exactly like the book at all. If anything the book is a prequel.

In this episode I explain the story behind the story and then, for the first time ever I reveal the script and its contents! With the help of Dave voicing some of the characters, I put this short script together like an old timey radio teleplay. Complete with sound effects and music.

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MACK #83: Who Killed Nicole?

Hello Twitter World! This week I was putting together a Conspiracies, Unsolved Mysteries and Deep Dark Secrets show but! The conspiracy portion took me down a rabbit hole. So instead we decided just to focus on that this week. 

Who Killed Nicole? is a documentary centered around Norm Pardo’s theory about what really happened the night Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman were murdered.

Norm met OJ in 1999 and — according to him — he managed or promoted him for twenty years. In that time and beyond he’s been piecing together and researching his very solid theory.

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MACK #82: Dave On . . . The Best of The Best

Hello friends! We’re back with a brand new episode, Dave On . . . The Best of the Best!

A while back, Episode 58 in fact, we did a show all about the worst songs from the best bands. So this week I figured we’d spin that one around and get Dave to weigh in on the best songs from a list of the best bands. 

As I was making the list of bands I truly thought this would be an easy one for our Dave. He knows so much about so many bands, I was sure he’d just rattle off songs and we’d be off to the races.


He does know the bands but has listened to their songs so much he has a bit of a skewed vision as to what’s their best. I felt at times like I was torturing him by trying to get him to name just one. I realized eventually I should have just asked for their best albums. It would have been way easier, and a heckuva a lot faster for him to shout out “QUADROPHENIA!” as opposed to naming every song on the album before settling on one. I guess that may be a semi-spoiler alert but do you really think you know which song he chose?

Also, there are a few bands he has no trouble naming what he considers to be their best songs. There’s one band in particular that he has A TON of trouble with. In the end Dave winds up making two song revisions to the list. 

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Dave’s Reaction: Rare Americans – Berlin

I was doing some exploring here on youtube for something new to get Dave’s reaction to and came upon this video from Rare Americans.

I thought the video and the song were both pretty great so I figured I’d see what Dave would have to say about either or both of these things.

Do you think he liked it? Do you think he has advice for these young whippersnappers?

Hit play to find out.

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Dave’s Reaction: Grady Tate — Be Black Baby

Hi again!

I was finally able to get Dave to sit still for a few more reaction videos!

This one was recommended by @wiggybloogy on twitter.

Dave knew all about Grady Tate and has the utmost respect for this jazz-funk-swing drummer and singer.

However, he does have some questions, comments and a few Dad jokes that he shares with us during this reaction video.

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MACK #81: Color Out Of Space

Hello friends! Today I present to you our episode [almost] all about “Color Out Of Space.”

You may or may not remember that in Episode 79 we discussed Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley’s Island of Dr. Moreau a documentary about the misadventures behind-the-scenes of screenwriter/director Richard Stanley. At the end of the show notes I posted a trailer to a movie Stanley had just made with one of our favorite actors, Nic Cage.

That movie is what today’s episode centers around.

Here’s a disclaimer for you all: When we watched this movie, Dave liked it and said as much when it was over. During today’s show, however, Dave seems to have changed his mind or is just fucking with me because why not.

Be that as it may, we go over this movie and talk about HP Lovecraft’s original short story on which this movie is based, The Colour Out of Space. Follow the link if you’d like to read it yourself [FREE!], which I do recommend doing, especially if you are a fan of the genre.

Tons of spoilers in this one, so if you want to see this movie and don’t want anything ruined for you, put this episode on the back burner until you’ve watched it.

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MACK #80: 1985

Ah 1985, I remember it well!

So well, in fact, I was a little taken aback when Dave picked that particular year for the subject of this podcast. As far as I could recollect there was nothing happening in 1985 that would have been of any interest at all for him.

Turns out he confused 1985 for 1983, 1984, 1986 and 1987. Welp, be that as it may, this episode is all about 1985.

Dave and I go over the top ten songs, movies and albums from that year, listen to some clips and chime in with our own memories and semi-hot takes.

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Dave’s Reaction: Jamiroquai — Cosmic Girl

A Jamiroquai request!

This time we’ve got Dave reacting to Cosmic Girl.

Will this be the Jamiroquai song that turns him against the band once and for all?!

Not likely.

If you liked this video check our our weekly podcast on!

Thanks for stopping by and let us know in the comments if there’s a song you’d like to see Dave react to. Keep in mind, not all bands are Jamiroquai and he can be harsh with his criticisms. Even if you’re the Rolling Stones!

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MACK #79: Lost Soul

Heyooooo! It’s time for episode 79 of the podcast! And this one is all about the documentary Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley’s Island of Dr. Moreau.

In 1994 Richard Stanley had a few indie horror films under his belt and was beginning to garner a bit of attention for himself. He pitched a script— his adaptation of HG Wells’ The Island of Dr Moreau — to New Line Cinema and it was greenlit.

Sounds like a young director’s dream, right?

When I say everything goes down hill from there, it’s pretty much the understatement of all understatements.

New Line liked the script, the vision, the story boards so much that they decided Marlon Brando would star as Dr. Moreau. Umm. Right out of the gate that one hire is going to turn your indie film vision into something else entirely. New Line realized this and then tried to cut Stanley out of his own project.

And this is just the beginning of this ridiculous story.

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MACK #78: Dave On . . . The Blues

Hiyo! It’s time for another Dave On episode, this week Dave talks to me about The Blues!

We chat about the origin of blues, what makes a song a blues song, and Dave basically shits on anyone who isn’t bluesy.

We play a lot of music and also go through a Top Ten Blues Songs Of All Times list from American Blues Scene. Well, we thought it was the Top Ten Blues Songs Of All Times list but it turns out it was the Top Ten Blues Song INTROS Of All Times. So our bad on that, but be that as it may, Dave is not happy about most of the list which is delightful for me. When I told him that the list wasn’t what we thought it was he said “WHO WOULD DO THAT? WHO MAKES A LIST LIKE THAT?” So, my guess is, had we known the true purpose of said list he’d have shat all over it anyway.

Shat is a word that needs to be used more often. Past tense people! Let’s make it a thing!

Anywhooooo, lots of blues, lots of clips lots of me not understanding what Dave means.

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Dave’s Reaction: Neal Francis — Changes

Well well well, what do we have here? Another reaction video!

This time we present “Changes” by Neal Francis.

Dave had not heard of Neal nor had he heard of his previous band, The Herd, but he has some very good things to say about this song and its musicians.

The video, however, was not his thing.

Hit Play and find out what Dave liked and what he didn’t like. Also be sure to enjoy the brief but meaningful cameo appearance our kitchen skylight makes near the end of this video.

Find out more about Neal Francis at

If you have any musical suggestions for Dave please let us know either on gab or twitter!

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Dave’s Reaction: Mark-Almond — Lonely People

Here we are with another fun reaction video!

This time around @wiggybloogy (on twitter) seems to have tried to trick our Dave with this track.

While Dave didn’t recognize the two main players, he did figure out who was on drums. He also accurately picked out the year this song came out.

After the song is over he looks over the track’s personnel listing and gives us a little insight on the players, almost all of whom he is familiar with.

This was a great pick since it featured so many New York session musicians that Dave really digs.

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Dave’s Reaction: The Haggis Horns – Haggis Express

I tried to please Dave with this one but Dave is Dave and he hears things differently than me. And maybe you too.

Somehow he has a knack for figuring out where bands are from. Not sure how he does that. It’s a superpower maybe. Occasionally he gets it wrong so maybe he hasn’t yet learned to control that superpower. Anywhooooo, pretty quickly he picks out that these guys are not from this side of the pond. Fee Fie Fo! He is also 100% correct about which gentlemen are the drummer and bassist. That’s our Dave!

That all being said, he doesn’t dislike everything here but certain elements seem “square” to him and apparently there’s not much worse for him than square funk. Some stuff he likes though, which made me feel a little better because — truth be told — I found this to be really fun to listen to.

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Dave’s Reaction: Michael Kiwanuka — You Ain’t The Problem

Another great suggestion from our friend, @wiggybloogy.

Dave doesn’t hold back and let’s us know pretty much right off the bat that he doesn’t love this one. He’s not happy with the arrangement and he thinks the material is wishy washy. Props to that one guitar player and the drummer though, he would have loved to hear more from them.

He’s also a bit confused as why there are so many people in the band.

As far as English bands go, this one doesn’t seem to be in the same league as Jamiroquai for Dave.

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