MACK #111: Muse — Simulation Theory

Hey there good people! Today’s episode is about the Muse concert film, Simulation Theory.

If you only follow our podcast and have never ventured into our YouTube channel, then you may not be aware of Dave’s many reaction videos. People suggest bands and songs and Dave watches and reacts in real time.

A lot of people request Muse songs. A lot. We, of course, had heard of Muse — but we really didn’t know much about the band or their music. Fast forward over 30 Muse song reactions later, and we have become big fans of this band.

Recently someone has recommended a more recent song of theirs, The Dark Side. So Dave reacted to it:

This song came from a newer album that also had a concert film made of the tour. I really wanted to watch it with Dave and we finally were able to sit down and take it all in.

My goodness. This was probably the greatest concert film I’ve ever seen and I am so happy for and jealous of everyone in attendance over those two nights in the O2 arena. Truly an amazing performance. It is so well recorded and produced that I can’t imagine anyone not liking it.

We both went into this not know all of the songs that they played but it didn’t really matter. We were both just blown away by it all.

There is a sci-fi narrative throughout the film, dealing with alternate realities (the simulation theory) and a main stream media that doesn’t seem to want to report the truth. And just to really blow your mind, there’s a virus/pandemic thrown into the mix. Is Muse from the future? Perhaps!

You can rent this film on YouTube for 4.99 (for HD) and we both recommend you do.

I try to explain that I think certain elements of this show are an homage to movies and bands that have influenced them in some way, but Dave becomes way too fixed on the word “homage” and we get a front and center seat as he dreams up a whole scenario based on what he thinks is New York State’s best wedding band, Homage.

We drift a little bit off topic here and there while Dave shares some stories from the road.

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Thanks for listening everyone!