MACK #110: Our Top 5 1970’s TV Shows

Hey everyone! Here we are!

Spring in upstate New York is a wonderful time to do work on your house, your garden, your property etc. And that’s what we’ve been up to.

Last year we put together two beautiful vegetable garden beds and then one day realized that we’d been invaded by these weird worms that just basically destroyed the whole thing. So this year we put together a make shift green house to try to combat those pesky buggers.

Anywhoooooo, long story short, we’ve been taking advantage of some really nice weather to get things done around here.

But today we’re back and we decided to talk about each of our top 5 favorite 1970’s tv shows. Some of Dave’s picks surprised me and I’m sure none of my picks surprised him.

Personally I enjoy the hell out of 1970’s everything. Movies, tv shows, music. It was a better and more groovy time.

Thanks to PlutoTV one of my favorite 1970’s tv shows has a channel all of its own so I get to watch it a whole bunch.

If you are interested in hearing about how we rank various other things, follow this link right here and you’ll see we’ve been ranking things for quite a while.

Also, don’t forget to check out Dave’s MANY youtube reaction videos along with other stuff we have posted throughout the years.

Alsox2, Dave recently appeared on a friend’s album, playing on two songs. The album is Strange Mutations by Count Blastula. Dave’s handiwork can be heard on Tracks #3 and #4.

Well, it’s been fun catching up!

See you next time America!