MACK #89: Most Covered Songs EVER

Hiyooo! Ever wonder what the most covered songs ever are?...

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MACK #82: Dave On . . . The Best of The Best

Hello friends! We’re back with a brand new episode, Dave On ....

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MACK #80: 1985

Ah 1985, I remember it well!

So well, in fact, I was a little taken aback when Dave picked that particular year for the subject of this podcast....

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MACK #72: Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal! \m/

Growing up in Jersey during the eighties, yours truly was very much into heavy metal....

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MACK #71: 1966

Hiyooo good people! Today’s episode is all about the year 1966....

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MACK #70: Our Top 10 Favorite TV Theme Songs

It’s time for another exciting episode!...

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MACK #68: Our Top 5 Favorite Black Music Artists

In this episode — and in honor of Black History Month — Dave and I dive into each of our Top Five Favorite Black Music Artists lists....

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MACK #66: Steely Dan

[The embedded links in this post are clickable on our website,

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MACK #60: Old Bands New Music

Happy New Year good people!

This week’s episode is all about Old Bands & New Music....

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