MACK: Sunshine & Daydreams Playlist

Hi folks, I hope this post finds you well, hunkered down and safe from coronavirus.

I put together a little playlist, just about an hour long, of songs that are fun, or uplifting.

If you and your family need a break from bad news and just want to think about something else for a while, then this playlist is for you.

Clean the house, hit the treadmill, have a dance party. Whatever it takes. Whatever is best.

We are thinking of you all and will be coming out with a new episode on time or close to schedule.

Be well, friends.



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MACK #72: Heavy Metal

Heavy Metal! \m/

Growing up in Jersey during the eighties, yours truly was very much into heavy metal. You just couldn’t not be into it where I was. KISS was my first introduction into the genre when I was very little, I think the makeup is what attracted a 10 year old me. I certainly wasn’t old enough to figure out what Love Gun was truly about.

Anywhooooo, I still love the genre because it brings back fond memories of being younger, seeing bands at L’Amour (the rock capitol of Brooklyn!) and not really caring about politics or most other adulty things.

Dave was also a teenager in New Jersey during the 80s yet he is not a huge fan of the genre, but still agreed to speak about the music because that he is a huge fan of.

He has a lot of interesting opinions on what constitutes Heavy Metal and what elements of other music actually combine to create it. He also is quite sure one of his childhood heroes is one of the godfathers of Heavy Metal. Frequent listeners to this show may have a guess as to who that may be.

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The Second Arrangement [UpbeatGroove Mix]

If you listened to our Steely Dan episode you’ll note that we spoke a bit about “The Lost Gaucho” which was the Gaucho album before the one that was eventually released in 1980. On that album was a song entitled “The Second Arrangement” that had been nearly complete when it was accidentally erased by an assistant in the recording studio.

On The Lost Gaucho there is a version of the song (an alternative take) without drums. I asked my favorite drummer in the world to add a drum track for me and he obliged (with some guitar licks thrown in for good measure).

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MACK #71: 1966

Hiyooo good people! Today’s episode is all about the year 1966.

We thought it would be fun to dedicate some episodes to specific years. So, in this show we go over 1966’s music, movies, news and more.

And, of course we go off topic because that’s just the way of it.

Now, as far as music goes, Dave and I agree that 1966 was the Dawn of the Age of Classic Rock as we know it today. The Doors recorded their debut album, the first Acid Test at the Fillmore took place, and Bob Dylan’s Blonde on Blonde was released — all in 1966.

The times and the music were both a-changin’!

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MACK #70: Our Top 10 Favorite TV Theme Songs

It’s time for another exciting episode! Now, Dave and I have both watched a lot of television in our day. So, we thought it was about time we ranked our favorite TV theme songs for you!

We each were supposed to pick 10 TV theme songs and make a list. Our plan was to then present said lists to you. Dave’s list was fluid. It is really hard for him to stick to a list always. Shame on me for not learning my lesson.

Be that all as it may, Dave’s “list” is of course better. His picks are great, and his reasons for the picks are also great. He has insight on both the genres and the composers for his picks and some of mine.

For the most part Dave does not like my list. But, in general, he also doesn’t like my choice of television shows.

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MACK #68: Our Top 5 Favorite Black Music Artists

In this episode — and in honor of Black History Month — Dave and I dive into each of our Top Five Favorite Black Music Artists lists.

Dave has a real tough time with limiting his selection to just five. He came to the table with a very long list. The truth of the matter is if we did our Top Ten lists, this show would most likely be four hours long. While I do love each and every one of you, I just can’t see myself putting together a four hour podcast.

While we are going over our Top Five Favorite Black Music Artists list it’s clear that Dave had nothing but funk on his mind. We really do love the funk here! We do wind up having one band that made it to both of our Top Fives. As usual, Dave shares what he knows about each band and I fill us in on what wikipedia has to say. And of course there is music, a lot of music.

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MACK #66: Steely Dan

Hello again friends!

This week is all about Steely Dan!

In my should-be-humbler opinion there are 3 types of people. A) Casual Steely Dan Fans; B) More-Than-Casual Steely Dan Fans and C) Our Dave.

I’m a “B” on the above scale. I love Steely Dan. As a matter of fact, if you happened to catch the episode of the show on our Top 10 Favorite Albums of All Time, you may remember that “Aja” was my number one. And! you also may remember that our Dave placed Steely Dan’s “The Royal Scam” as well as Donald Fagen’s solo effort “The Night Fly” on his list.

Maybe you think you are an “A” or maybe even an “I don’t know any Steely Dan songs” type of person. Let me assure you that you do know more songs than you think you do. There are a lot of hits and also quite a few retroactive hits — songs that may not have been played on the radio a ton when they were released, but somehow they’ve found their way onto the airwaves nowadays. Perhaps that’s due to a good number of these songs being placed into a decent chunk of tv and movie soundtracks.

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Hey there folks! Welp, after last week’s show we found ourselves continuing the conversation about the top ten albums of

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