MACK #75: Dave On Disco Songs That Don’t Suck

Hellooo my disco loving and/or hating friends!

This week I asked Dave if he could come up with ten disco songs that didn’t suck. When he said “Yes!” too quickly I should have realized that something was wrong.

But I didn’t so here we are.

There is a fine line between disco and funk. And, for the most part, the songs Dave picked don’t suck because they are funk tunes. Also he starts his song countdown at 10 but realizes he only came to the table with five. Oh Dave.

Anyhoo, fear not! I had a back up plan just in case!

After we discuss Dave’s disco-ish songs we head to to find out which ones they deem as the top ten disco songs of all time. And, if that’s not enough for you, we then head to to see what the people have voted as their top ten disco songs.

In the end we both realize that Dave shouldn’t have said yes when I asked him to put together a list. But! There does seem to be plenty of material for a future episode entitled the 10 Worst Disco Songs Of All Time. So look forward to that.

Personally I enjoyed a lot of the songs from that era. 77WABC in New York City played them often and so many were dang catchy. I don’t listen to music the way Dave does so I’m not nearly as offended by some of the cheesier genres of music like he is.

So put on your boogie shoes and dance along as we play a bunch of music that — according to Dave — may or may not be disco.

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That’s it from me, please stay safe out there and thanks for listening!