MACK #11: First House

If you listened back when we had our old podcasts, or if you watched my cable access show all those years ago, you probably already know that Dave was in an amazing NYC jam band called First House.

Even if I wasn’t married to the drummer, I’d still listen to those songs. They bring me right back to those late (and I mean really late) Friday nights at The ‘Gale.

The Nightingale was a hole in the wall on 13th and 2nd where incredible bands played just about all week long. The stage was maybe 6 inches off the floor, the pool table had the shadiest of characters hanging around it, and I won’t get into the the state of the restroom.

My schedule permanently had The ‘Gale penciled in for Friday nights. For five bucks we were all treated to 3+ hours of the best live music in the city. We danced, we smoked, we became a family.

Dave’s perspective is more inside-baseball than mine, and for the first time in all of our years together he shares his insights about his time with the band.

Mixed in we have some songs from their one and only cd, along with some bits and pieces from old demos and live recordings that have never been released.

I truly hope you enjoy this episode!

Special thanks to Pete for letting us use some of his audio as well as Mr. Randy for the call-in contribution!

Acid. Deluxe.

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