MACK #10: Super Troopers 2 & The Kitchen Sink

It’s episode 10! And they said it couldn’t be done.

This week we watched Super Troopers 2 and we share our thoughtful reviews about this sequel to a much beloved cult classic.

Since our reviews are short and to the point we also talk about a ton of other stuff including but not limited to:

  • HBO’s The Young Comedians Specials
  • Winger & Vixen
  • Michael Savage and his brave stance on Bull Fighting
  • The guy who threw a drink into the face of a kid wearing a MAGA hat
  • Dave’s Turntable: Scoop/Pete Townshend
  • Dave’s thoughts on digital music sucking with the exception of Donald Fagen’s Nightfly
  • Dave reveals that he is angrier than you’d imagine about Justin Bieber
  • Yankees/Mets talk
  • Tim Tebow!
  • Big Brother
  • The Twitter Purge
  • IHOP’s name change stunt
  • Coffee

So, there you have it. A shit ton of topics, almost all of which make Dave a little ornery. He does white knight for Michael Savage though, but that’s ok because I pull a counter white knight for Tim Tebow.

Take a drink every time Dave thinks someone has ruined something for him.

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