MACK #23: The Real Story Behind The Amityville Horror

I told you I would try my best to continue on with the spooky theme for the month of October! Promises made, promises kept.

This week’s episode is all about the fantastic dutch colonial that can be found at 112 Ocean Ave in Amityville, Long Island.

“Bullshit!” you say? Well then I’d say perhaps you hadn’t heard the entire story.

Think about it for a bit. In 1975 there were no ghost shows to promote your story. Zack Baggins and those two guys from Roto Rooter weren’t yet driving around the country with their night vision gear and their EMF meters and their spirit boxes.

Why would two people make up a story like this?  Rumor was that they couldn’t afford the house and they wanted to sell it. Well, have you ever bought a house? I have purchased 3 in my life time. The first month mortgage is paid in your down payment, you don’t actually start paying down the mortgage until the second month.

The Lutz family didn’t make it to the second month. They didn’t make it past the first.

Danny Lutz — who was just a child at the time of the events that took place on Ocean Avenue — had, for a very long time, not spoken about what happened in their short stay in the house. And for good reason. Who among us would want to deal with the constant ridicule that his family had to deal with once the media decided it was all a hoax?

Move along folks, nothing to see here.

Yeah, right.

Danny’s memories of those 28 days and his convincing testimony in the documentary “My Amityville Horror” just may change the way you view the Lutz family’s story. He takes us back to the winter of 75/76 and discusses the real story behind one of the most famous hauntings in modern history.


The Sheckster

PS. Dave is totally angry through most of this show. I blame poltergeists!

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