MACK #55: Dave on 3 Top Ten Songs of all Time lists

Hey hey hey! It’s time for another “Dave On . . .” episode. These are always fun for me because Dave is pretty outspoken about music and what he considers good, bad or ugly.

This week I present to him 3 Greatest Songs of All Times lists. These lists are from, and the people’s list generator,

I’m not sure what the hell is going on with Billboard’s list, even if you take their ranking process into account, it still doesn’t make much sense.


How are the Billboard Charts calculated?

The Billboard charts are calculated by several different factors, depending on the specific chart. For example, the Billboard Hot 100 and other genre-based charts take sales, streaming and radio airplay into account.

High-ranking tracks and albums can be driven by one or all of these different avenues, with some of the biggest songs charting thanks to extensive radio airplay, while others climb the charts through their streaming power.

So yeah, some of these songs maybe I can see making the list. Maybe.

Rolling Stone and Ranker’s lists are more reasonable but Dave is, of course, not satisfied with them.

After we go through the lists [and listen to the songs] Dave lets us know which song he considers the greatest of all time and why he feels these lists are incomplete by not including the artists of said song.

Again, it is always lots of fun for me to sit with him and discuss music because he really is quite sure he knows best. And to be honest, I’m pretty sure he does too.

Thanks for tuning in folks! We appreciate you!



Oh PS we discuss our phone number briefly and I think we both get it wrong. It’s 707-MACK-043 just in case you wanted to harass someone make sure it’s us and not some poor person whose number we speculated about.