MACK #28: Scrutiny! Dave On Various TOP 10 GUITARISTS OF ALL TIME Lists!

It’s time for another Scrutiny episode!

This time we go through three Greatest Guitarists Of All Time lists.  The lists in question are provided by Rolling Stone, Spin Magazine and

Spin Magazine’s list is so horrid I can’t help but think the people putting it together were actively trying to bankrupt the company. And truth be told, I think it worked.

We go over each list’s entries and Dave gives his opinion. We also hear about guitarists that make his personal top ten greatest of all time, though he is loathe to put them in any specific order.

Dave is in his element here for sure.

Take a drink every time you wish bad things would happen to the people at Spin Magazine. (Psssst, don’t take said drinks if you are driving!)

Thanks again for listening to our somewhat skewed vision of reality!



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