MACK #89: Most Covered Songs EVER

Hiyooo! Recently I watched a deep dive type of video from Adam Neely that made some interesting claims about the song The Girl From Ipanima.

It got me thinking about which songs were truly the most covered songs in history.

I searched around online and I could not find a definitive list. There were a few sites claiming they had the answers but I knew they were full of shit.

Then I checked over with the Guinness Book of World Records. They only listed THE most recorded song, not a top ten list. Dang it!

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MACK #88: Time Travel

Are you a believer in time travel?

Personally, I believe a whole bunch of crazy ass things, so sure, why not throw time travel into the mix? As you can imagine, however, Dave isn’t so down with it.

In today’s episode we discuss its humble beginnings, the movies it has inspired and I even go over some photographic and video evidence!

To be completely honest, I have no idea why Dave agreed to do an episode about Time Travel. He’s not a sci-fi guy and he certainly does not believe in anything paranormal, other-worldly or magicky.

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