MACK #89: Most Covered Songs EVER

Hiyooo! Ever wonder what the most covered songs ever are?

Well, recently I watched a deep dive type of video from Adam Neely that made some interesting claims about the song The Girl From Ipanema.

It got me thinking about which songs were truly the most covered songs in history.

I searched around online and I could not find a definitive list. There were a few sites claiming they had the answers but I knew they were full of shit.

Then I checked over with the Guinness Book of World Records. They only listed THE most recorded song, not a top ten list. Dang it!

Next I went over to and did some digging. It wasn’t easy and I have to admit that there may be some songs I didn’t even think to look up. AllMusic lets you see how many times a song has been recorded. It gives a list of artists but it doesn’t number them. I had to copy their list and paste it into a spreadsheet program which then would tell me how many names were actually in that list.

So, with this process I came up with the same number one as Guinness did. We both omitted Christmas Songs. Otherwise I’m fairly certain the entire list would be made up of only Christmas songs.

Anywhoo, Dave has something to say about these songs, and one person in particular gets a few shout outs from him regarding this list even though he did not compose any of these songs.

Also! We joined which is a podcaster collab type of site. You can exchange ideas, cross promote etc on there. I did get a cross promote inquiry from a fine podcast called Don’t Blow Your Pod and I encourage you to give their show a listen!

Thanks again for tuning in everyone!