MACK #90: Pumpkin Spice Dune

Heyooo friends! It’s time for some Pumpkin Spice Dune!

We tried two times before this recording session to do this episode. The first episode was to be a semi-serious review of the newest Bill & Ted movie. While we are delighted that there is now a 3rd installment of this franchise, we could not see “renting” it for twenty bucks, and didn’t think a lot of our audience would fork over that much to rent it either. We shall wait for a more discounted method to see this one.



Anywhoo, our second try we actually filmed! And it was an episode based around our reactions to some of the pumpkin spice flavored things that have come out this season. The problem with this episode was our audio was as shitty as Breyer’s Apple Pie with Caramel ice cream. And that is pretty dang shitty.

So there we were. We’d nearly given up hope when Dave suggested doing a show about nothing in particular. A show where we just shoot the shit and see what happens.

Here’s what happens. Dave and I reminisce about our failed attempts at recording this particular episode. We talk about Dune. There is an in-depth discussion about Dave’s misadventures at summer camp. We reveal that Dave has a famous doppelganger that shares his birthday and birth county. Dave says a word I have to bleep out. We almost divorce. Stay ’til the end for the exciting story behind this episode’s thumbnail.

The good news is that next week we’ll definitely have a topic! Also, please feel free to suggest a topic, either in our comments section on youtube or you can shoot us an email at middleagedcoolkids at I’m also trying to put together another conspiracy episode or two, so if you have any suggestions for that please do let me know!

If there was a Pumpkin Spice Dune hashtag I’m fairly certain it wouldn’t trend, but it damn well should. Maybe I’ll hashtag it on gab.

Anyhoo, thanks for listening! We will be back soon with another exciting episode!