MACK #81: Color Out Of Space

Hello friends! Today I present to you our episode [almost] all about “Color Out Of Space.”

You may or may not remember that in Episode 79 we discussed Lost Soul: The Doomed Journey of Richard Stanley’s Island of Dr. Moreau a documentary about the misadventures behind-the-scenes of screenwriter/director Richard Stanley. At the end of the show notes I posted a trailer to a movie Stanley had just made with one of our favorite actors, Nic Cage.

That movie is what today’s episode centers around.

Here’s a disclaimer for you all: When we watched this movie, Dave liked it and said as much when it was over. During today’s show, however, Dave seems to have changed his mind or is just fucking with me because why not.

Be that as it may, we go over this movie and talk about HP Lovecraft’s original short story on which this movie is based, The Colour Out of Space. Follow the link if you’d like to read it yourself [FREE!], which I do recommend doing, especially if you are a fan of the genre.

Tons of spoilers in this one, so if you want to see this movie and don’t want anything ruined for you, put this episode on the back burner until you’ve watched it.

I’m not a huge horror fan. Really, not a horror fan at all. Ever since my young self sat in a drive-in theater in 1972 and absorbed the monstrosity that was The Legend of Boggy Creek, I’ve tried to avoid being frightened for prolonged periods. That being said, I enjoyed this movie a lot.

Color out of Space rides the line between dark comedy and horror. Nicolas Cage is predictably great in his own Nic Cage kind of way. We were hoping for some classic over-the-top moments, and they were definitely there. The other actors in the cast all do a fine job as well. The cinematography is beautiful in my opinion. The effects. My Lord, the effects! Such a great job. Very impressive. The soundtrack by Colin Stetson is also top notch.

Can we talk about the movie posters? I don’t believe I’ve seen a movie poster this beautiful in decades. Just amazing artwork, I have not been able to find the artist’s name, but damn. It really is stunning. There are a few posters floating around for this movie, I’m not sure if they are all from the same artist or not, but they are all fun to look at.

Here’s another hot take from yours truly, Richard Stanley should never have been pulled from The Island of Dr. Moreau. With Color Out Of Space he’s proved that he’s more than capable of putting together an entertaining feature length horror film. Hopefully, there will be a lot more work coming his way in the not-so-distant future.

I do see that the filming of this was delayed a bit so maybe there was behind-the-scenes shenanigans once again. Meh, it happens. Perhaps there’s an incoming making-of documentary about this movie too. I’d be down to watch it, that’s for dang sure.

Anywhoooo, definitely rent the movie, it deserves to make back its budget.

Also, Dave names yet another “enchantress” in this episode. He’s got quite a list building. He also derails the conversation a few times because that’s how Dave rolls. And! he reveals who my secret crush is! You’ll be shocked!

Another fun episode for both of us, I hope you enjoy it too!

Thanks for listening, you are appreciated!