The “Famous” Doc



Occasionally I do cool things! This is one of those things.

In 1989, I met Buzzy Linhart at a NORML rally in Washington Square Park. He was charming and funny and ridiculously talented. Unfortunately, he was only going to be in NYC for a short while. I was grateful to have had the opportunity to see him at various clubs around the city over the next few months.

Fast forward 10 years, Dave and I are married and living in Jersey. One day while perusing The Village Voice I spied an ad for a Buzzy Linhart gig at the Triad Lounge on 72nd Street.

Dave had never seen Buzzy, but he had come to really enjoy the Buzzy albums I’d been able to pick up here and there from various used record stores (Ebay wasn’t quite a thing yet). Long story short, we went to the gig.

The ten years that had passed had seemed to be unkind to Buzzy, physically. He needed help on and off the stage, sat on a stool for a few of the songs, stuff like that. His spirit, his charm, his talent — they were all still pinning their respective meters though.

About halfway through the show I looked at Dave and said “Buzzy really needs his own documentary.” Dave agreed and after the gig was over I approached Buzzy about making a doc, and he was all in.

What an adventure that was!

A long, strange trip indeed.

Anywhooooo, below is the end result of my Buzzy Linhart adventure. If you take the time to watch it, thank you! It’s much appreciated. It’s at nearly 10k views on Youtube, which I think is really great. If you ever get a chance to read the comments section there you’ll find that there are quite a few people checking in there who have had their own Buzzy Linhart adventures.

Ok, ok, enough of this palaver, on with the show!




From the Youtube description:

Famous: The Buzzy Linhart Story is a celebration of the life and times of Buzzy Linhart, a fixture of the 60s and 70s NYC Greenwich Village Scene, his obvious love of making music and the energy with which he attacks a song are traits that are rarely seen in the industry today. His songs blur the lines between genres, blending jazz, rock, folk, blues and even raga so seamlessly that it’s easy to understand why no other artist has ever attempted to follow in his footsteps.

This documentary explores Buzzy’s life through his own words and those of his peers, weaving his stories and his music together in what can best be described as a musical diary.

For more information about Buzzy please visit: