MACK #114: The Shark Worshippers

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Hey everyone!

It’s a video podcast from us! But, it’s also fun just to listen.

In belated honor of Shark Week, we watched and reacted to an In Search Of Episode from 1978 — The Shark Worshippers!

This particular episode of In Search Of is a little rougher than I thought it would be as far as shark torture goes.

We cut out something particularly offensive but if you want to see the gore, by all means find the episode here on youtube and watch it to your heart’s content.

Talk about a show that would never make it on tv today. In the end I think we are leaning toward The Shark Worshippers was a ruse of an episode. Those people may live in Fiji, but I’m pretty sure anything ceremonial we saw was completely scripted and inauthentic.

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