MACK #15: Inappropriately Creepy Songs Plus

Ever just sing along to a catchy tune on the radio? We’re all guilty of that. One time when Dave and I drove from Las Vegas to Bodega Bay I sang the entire fucking time. The. Entire. Fucking. Time.

Anyhooooooo, some songs you sing along to without ever really paying attention to the lyrics. And you should. We all should.

This episode is about mainstream bands who have songs with questionably inappropriate lyrics. As I mention in the show, there are some bands whose livelihood depends on their songs with questionably inappropriate lyrics. That’s fine, these songs, however, were made for popular culture’s consumption.

So, have some fun with us listening to some inappropriately creepy songs. We listen along and both give our opinions.

ALSO! Our long time friend and consumer of everything Dave & Shecky, Mark Levitt [ @wiggybloogy ] has a comedy short entitled “Thumb Wrestler” that has won and been nominated for some impressive comedy film festival awards. We talk about his movie without giving away any big plot spoilers.

Take a drink every time we disagree about whether a song is creepy or not. Also every time we say “The Tunnels.”

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