MACK #14: Deadpool 2 Plus

Episode 14!

This week, because it is now available on DVD, we decided to watch and review Deadpool 2. And yes, there are spoilers.

Now our Dave is not a comic book movie guy. At all. This movie has done basically nothing to change that, much to my chagrin. He did like it more than Infinity Wars though, so there’s that.

We also talk about some other things like animated movies. And in this episode you will find out which one happens to be both of our favorite!

I mention a few things in the 80s that were hard or impossible to find. Dave mentions picking up and eating a Mary Jane off the street.

Dave talks about the word “Lexicon” a little too much and then we end this episode with his touching story about a Blimpies in NYC.

Also, at some point I discuss listening to old Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis radio shows on, here is the link to the episode with Bob Hope.:

Finally, take a drink every time Dave doesn’t like Deadpool 2.

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