MACK #8: Paul Stanley/Kiss PLUS

So there I was, minding my own business, enjoying a Yankee game and here came Dave.

“You have to listen to this!”

He does this more often than not, and sometimes it’s not something at all I felt I had to listen to. This time it was an excerpt of Paul Stanley’s audio book, Face The Music, narrated by the man himself.

Oh dear lord. We began listening non-stop for all the wrong reasons. What fun! Wheeeeeeee!

This was the inspiration for today’s podcast.

Dave is a music snob so I’m fairly certain you can figure out his take on Kiss. I am not a snob and was a NJ platinum blonde rocker chick for most of the 80s. So, yeah, you can guess my take too I’m sure.

We also talk about other musical acts and other bands that lost crucial members.

Enjoy and be sure to take a drink (or a hit, or a bite of pie) whenever you hear the word “Nonsense.”

You’ve got nothing to lose. (Sorry, couldn’t resist.)

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