MACK #62: Saturday Night Live

Live from Upstate New York it’s us! Wooooo!

This week is all about Saturday Night Live.

Yes, we know there are 45 seasons, but we mostly talk about the older incarnations, the stuff we grew up with way back when.

After we reminisce about the first few seasons Dave reveals his favorite episode which happens to have his favorite host AND his favorite musical guest. We share our favorite cast members as well as Weekend Update anchors.

We also check out’s Top 10 SNL alum list. We’re fairly convinced that that list is voted on by children just by virtue of who is and who isn’t on it. Then we turn to’s Top 20 SNL alum list based on their box office earnings.

We both agree when it comes to picking the best SNL character(s) made into a movie and find out which SNL character movie is the least favorite according to Rotten Tomatoes.

AND! Of course we play clips throughout the show because they are always fun.

Anywhooooo, thanks for tuning in!