MACK #32: Watch Along! Black Heat (1976)

Awww shiiiiit it’s a watch along!

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Today’s watch a long is Black Heat, a blaxploitation action flick from 1976.

It is low budget but somehow manages to star Russ Tamblyn (West Side Story), who creeps me the fuck out in just about every scene he’s in. He’s either over-acting or he is a lot like his character, Ziggy, a handsy douchebag with a bad mustache.

The plot of this movie is not too hard to follow, there’s cops, there’s gun running, there’s three chicks (one we start calling Dr. Zeus, one I insist is a hooker and one who somehow is always out and about filming news B-roll in Compton) who live together? are friends? I don’t really know why they all pal around but they’re there, palling around.

Anywhooo, 3 chicks a couple of cops, an informant, bad guys and a shit ton of polyester. So much leisure suiting!

The real kicker is Dave sometimes is annoyingly silent during this movie because he fucking loved it. I’d look over at him and he was just sitting there grinning his ass off while I was hashtagging metoo in my head every time Russ Tamblyn acted inappropriately, which was all the time.

I give you a countdown at the beginning of the movie so it is easy to sync up our comments.

Enjoy! We sure did!

Also props to PopcornFlix for providing these fun movies for free on youtube! Subscribe to them for more great stuff!



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