MACK #87: Our Top 5 Favorite Youtubers!

Hey ho it’s time to talk about Youtubers!

In this episode we go over each of our Top Five list of favorite youtubers. Well, I have a definitive top 5 list and Dave has six entries in his list. He has two number ones.

We’ve both been skipping regular tv and subscription services during the lockdown. As a result we’ve both been watching a bit more youtube than usual. So much so more, in fact, that we decided we’d share each of our top five youtubers list with you all.

So, we go over out lists and chat about each youtuber. We also play a clip or two in case you have not yet heard of these particular folks and their channels. In general Dave seems to like to be informed over entertained, while I prefer to be entertained slightly more than informed. LOL.

Entertain me, dang it!

Anywhoo here are our top fives:


5. Rick Beato

4. Anomaly

3. Lionel

2. Scotty Kilmer

1.  Leland Sklar / Pete & Sebastian show



5. MarkusPix

4. Paula Deen

3. MrBeast

2. The Crockers

1. Davie504 (OMG!)

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Also, we have our own youtube channel which you should definitely subscribe to! In between podcasts I post videos over there of this and that. For instance, Dave’s reaction videos (a favorite amongst subscribers), garden stuff and! a super terrific fence building video that co-stars a trencher we rented from Home Depot. It was pretty heavy duty.

And finally, I’m sorry this one is a little late.

Dave has been very busy making some insanely great music with someone we introduced you to way back in MACK #11. Seriously it is so great. I cannot wait for you all to get to hear it for yourselves.

Anywho, that’s it for this week. I hope you check into our favorite youtubers! I guarantee you just may find a new favorite or two of your own from those lists.

Love and best dishes, y’all!