MACK #108: Godzilla vs Kong

Hiyooo everyone! Today’s episode is mostly about the new movie Godzilla vs. Kong. It is also, at times, about Hostess vs Drakes. But mostly it’s Godzilla vs. Kong.

Right off the bat, you may remember that I have pointed out that if Dave doesn’t like a movie or a topic, he just changes the conversation. There is a ton of that going on here.

As for the movie, there are some plot holes, and there’s also a sub plot that is nonsensical. There are some things that don’t make too much sense. But there is Godzilla and there is King Kong, so at least they have that going for them.

I will also say that Dave had no idea who Millie Bobbie Brown was and he goes on a bit of a rant about her name.

Moving on, we both have a fondness for the old school 50s style Japanese monster movies. Their charm was the obvious low budget along with the guys in suits stomping on hastily constructed miniature towns. These newer, slicker, monster movies are fun at times but not in the same way. There’s no campiness to be found. And that’s a bummer for us.

Dave steers us away from the movie because he has an urgent need to discuss twinkies and other snack cakes. There may be a taste test in our future. Who will win? Drakes or Hostess? I’m leaning toward #TeamHostess but Dave seems to be on the Drakes Train.

Anyway, after our snack cake detour, we get back to the movie and Dave starts naming actors he would have preferred to see in Godzilla vs. Kong. Some of his choices just may surprise you. Especially if you’re Judge Reinhold.

In the end we both gave this movie a 6/10 which isn’t awful. Dave did say he liked this movie better than Avengers: Infinity War. I am going to have to disagree with him on that but he’s entitled to his anti-Marvel opinions.

If you want to hear us chat about other movies, you are in for a treat. Not only can you hear our MACK Podcast movie discussions but we also have our old movie review podcast [Dave & Shecky’s Groovy Boob Tube Review Show] from 2005-ish available too.

Lots of movie talk happening up in here.

Anywhooooo, this was a fun one for us!

Thanks for listening!