MACK #107: Action Park

Hi everyone! Today’s episode is all about Action Park and the recently released documentary Class Action Park.

Action Park was a very popular summer destination for people from New Jersey and maybe some people outside of Jersey as well. The documentary and some recent articles have painted a picture of a park that was terribly mismanaged and downright dangerous.

We can’t dispute the mismanaged part, it’s clear that Eugene Mulvihill had enthusiasm to spare but almost zero moral compass.

However! Our Dave was a somewhat frequent visitor to Action Park in the early to mid 80s and he disputes the “dangerous” moniker. A lot of things that were fun back then were also fairly dangerous. Skiing, skateboarding, surfing — the kids all liked to do dangerous stuff for fun. Although 6 deaths is, of course, too many for any park, you may be surprised to learn how many fine people meet their untimely end a year at another big name theme park.

We discuss the documentary, play some clips and go down memory lane with Dave as he recounts his time spent at Action Park. You may be surprised to learn what was the last straw that kept him from returning there.

So, maybe it’s time to gofundme a new and improved Action Park, a tad bit less asbestos but let’s keep that exciting danger element, shall we? One day soon the powers that be may decide we aren’t allowed to go have any fun at all — so let’s get this going while we still can.

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