MACK #71: 1966

Hiyooo good people! Today’s episode is all about the year 1966.

We thought it would be fun to dedicate some episodes to specific years. So, in this show we go over 1966’s music, movies, news and more.

And, of course we go off topic because that’s just the way of it.

Now, as far as music goes, Dave and I agree that 1966 was the Dawn of the Age of Classic Rock as we know it today. The Doors recorded their debut album, the first Acid Test at the Fillmore took place, and Bob Dylan’s Blonde on Blonde was released — all in 1966.

The times and the music were both a-changin’!

1966 was a great year for television premiers as well. It brought us these classics: Batman, The Monkees and Star Trek!

In the news that year was serial killer Richard Speck, a sick fuck who murdered 8 nurses in Chicago. We chat about him and the insane video that was uncovered of him in prison.

The Richard Speck story leads us down another road. Dave shares a tragic story about someone he knew from his younger days in NYC. It is absolutely heartbreaking from beginning to end.

We also spend some time talking about the Best Picture nominees for the year. The Oscar winner is an obvious choice, but! You may be surprised at which awards that movie didn’t take home.

Weirdly, Dave makes a point of saying Chitty Chitty Bang Bang quite a few times with zero explanation of his motives.

We wind up the show by heading over to Dave was interested in seeing what people consider to be the top ten cars of the day. We weren’t too surprised to see that they were all American made. But! there was one car manufacturer that was noticeably absent from the list.

If there’s a year you’d like us to shoot the shit about, just let us know! You can @ me either on twitter or on gab!

I’d also just like to say, take care of yourself out there!

See you next time, America!



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