MACK #70: Our Top 10 Favorite TV Theme Songs

It’s time for another exciting episode! Now, Dave and I have both watched a lot of television in our day. So, we thought it was about time we ranked our favorite TV theme songs for you!

We each were supposed to pick 10 TV theme songs and make a list. Our plan was to then present said lists to you. Dave’s list was fluid. It is really hard for him to stick to a list always. Shame on me for not learning my lesson.

Be that all as it may, Dave’s “list” is of course better. His picks are great, and his reasons for the picks are also great. He has insight on both the genres and the composers for his picks and some of mine.

For the most part Dave does not like my list. But, in general, he also doesn’t like my choice of television shows.

Each of us picking 10 favorites TV theme songs made for a fairly lengthy program. Once we started gabbing about the songs, we couldn’t help but continue chatting about the show. Or about other things almost totally unrelated to the topic.

You know how it goes with us sometimes.

Anywho, after we go over our lists we take a quick peek at’s Top 10 Theme Songs and see what the people list as their top ten. Their list doesn’t really jibe with either of ours.

If you happen to like our Top 5, 10 etc lists and you don’t think you’ve heard every podcast where we’ve ranked stuff, don’t fret! Here is a link to episodes where we rank things!


I’m posting our lists so you can see Dave’s. At some point in the show he couldn’t even read his own writing. As you can see from my list, I still write like a sixteen year old girl, though I no longer dot my “i”s with hearts.

Also this show had a few technical glitches so if you think you hear what sounds like a weird edit, treat yourself to a cookie because you’re probably right!

One of our mics is hinky and just kind of poops out on us occasionally so we have to unpoop it and then get back to business.

Thank you for your understanding in this matter!

Alrighty, thanks — as always! — for listening.

Be well everyone!