MACK #9: Billboard Hot 100 Top 5 PLUS

This week I thought it would be fun if I played the top five Billboard Hot 100 songs for Dave and get his reaction.

It was kind of fun, but also kind of painful. Hot 100? More like Snot 100. You feel me?

Anyhoo, Dave does what Dave does best and that’s explaining why this list is bullshit.

We also endeavor into other lists including good ol’ fashioned Rock. \m/

I try to pin Dave down as to his favorite driving-down-the-shore album, but he admits, in fact, that he wasn’t a driving-down-the-shore guy. Between you and I, this left me aghast. Jersey people ARE shore people. This warrants more investigating on my part. I will alert you to my findings.

Take a drink every time Dave is concerned about the music industry, how far it’s fallen and its ramifications for us as a society.

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