MACK #99: Scrutiny! Dave On Various “Greatest Bassists Of All Times” Lists

We all know that Dave has opinions! I didn’t realize, however, how many opinions he had on bassists.

He has lots and lots of opinions.

This week I picked a few “Greatest Bassists of All Times” lists to run by him. I wanted his take on the lists and to see whether he agreed or disagreed with them. The lists we go with are “50 Greatest Bassists of All Time” from Rolling Stone and from Guitar World their “The 100 best bass players of all time” list.

Spoiler alert, Dave has a definitive number one and two for his personal list. And when Rolling Stone and Guitar World’s picks don’t jibe with his, well . . .

Things get ugly.

If you have not heard Dave’s other “SCRUTINY!” episodes, you are missing out on his opinions on the Greatest Albums of All Time, the Greatest Guitarists of All Time, and the Greatest Drummers of All Time lists from various magazines.

And of course we have other “Dave On” episodes where Dave gives his opinions on more musical topics.

Thanks for tuning into this episode!

We will see you next time!