MACK #47: Scrutiny! Dave on Various TOP 10 ALBUMS OF ALL TIME Lists!

Once again it’s time for Dave to scrutinize!

This week we go through three TOP 10 ALBUMS OF ALL TIME lists and he gives his opinions on their entries.

The lists in question are from, NME and Rolling Stone.

While Dave doesn’t agree with any one list entirely, we both felt like NME’s list was absolute shite, plain and simple. Their list is bad and they should feel bad. NME or EN EM EE? You feel me?

Anyhoooooo, out of the thirty entries we discuss there was only one black person included (and Dave is not a fan of his) and zero women. Are these lists racist and chauvinistic? REEEEEEEEEE

After we go through the lists we discuss what bands/artists we feel should have been included. Sorry KISS, you didn’t make the cut. But the news is good for you Van Halen!

We won’t be putting this up on youtube because the last time we had a show and included a clip from a certain band we got a strike! Even though it is definitely considered “Fair Use.” So, sorry folks, itunes, bitchute and our website only this time!

Thanks so much for listening! Feel free to drop us a note and let us know what your top ten album list looks like!



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