MACK #43: Major Stories That Disappeared from MSM

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Hi there folks, welcome to episode number forty-three! As the title states, we discuss some major stories that have seemingly disappeared from main stream media’s radar.

Before we start, however, Dave and I discuss and watch the “trumpet fight” video which is insane and deserves more views in my humble opinion.

Dave also has a giggle fit but refuses to share exactly what it is that has made him laugh so uncontrollably.

On to the meat and potatoes! For this episode I picked three stories that are either falsely reported on or not reported on at all any more.


How in the world do we go from Fukushima being #2 on a Top 10 Nuclear Disasters list to playing host to the torch ceremony AND baseball and softball games for the upcoming 2020 Olympics?


After a full year of investigating the events surrounding the largest mass shooting in American history the FBI came up with just a scant three page report saying, in essence, “Nothing to see here.” Seriously? Thanks to the tireless efforts of the de-twittered Laura Loomer, we know that’s just not true.



Wait, you’re telling me that the son of a prominent imam who kidnapped his own special needs toddler, and then murdered him in an Islamic exorcism ritual [at a camp where he was training 11 emaciated children to become jihadist school shooters] was released on bail by the local authorities? What the fuck is happening here? Oh and did I mention that the compound and a shit ton of evidence was destroyed?

I think you’ll agree that each of these stories deserve some more digging. And while we can’t count on #fakenews outlets to tell us the truth, I am praying that independent journalists like Ms. Loomer and networks like OANN will keep us up-to-date on what’s really happening out there.

Other than these news stories, Dave reveals that he has a new favorite drummer.  I’m sorry Steve Gadd, Dave Weckl has taken your place in Dave’s heart. For now. Dave explains why he’s into Weckl and his new trio. Here’s a vid so you can see for yourself.

Thanks again for tuning in folks, it means the world to us!



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