MACK #88: Time Travel

Are you a believer in time travel?

Personally, I believe a whole bunch of crazy ass things, so sure, why not throw time travel into the mix? As you can imagine, however, Dave isn’t so down with it.

In today’s episode we discuss its humble beginnings, the movies it has inspired and I even go over some photographic and video evidence!

Oh also we briefly discuss Kasper, a person on youtube who claimed to have traveled back from 2075. He says some pretty outlandish stuff about the future, yet there’s one bit of history he seems to ignore completely. Oh Kasper.


Did you know there are some songs about time travel too? We don’t love the list, so we go straight to number one to find out what‘s definitive song about time travel is.

To be completely honest, I have no idea why Dave agreed to do an episode about Time Travel. He’s not a sci-fi guy and he certainly does not believe in anything paranormal, other-worldly or magicky. So this particular episode can get a little bicker-y at times.

Oh also! Dave and I started giving the teleplay treatment to The Girl Who Chased the Shadows. That’s that orange and pink book you see in the column just to the right of this post. We’re only a few chapters in but Dave really is giving an award winning performance in these. Definitely check them out if you can never get your fill of all things Dave.

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Welp, that’s it for episode 88! We hope you enjoy it, friends.

See you next time!