MACK#96: Our Top Five Favorite Bill Murray Movies

Hiyo! We’re back with another exciting episode! This week we discuss each of our Top Five Bill Murray Movies.

I, of course, came prepared with a list while Dave had a list in his head that he may or may not have shifted the order around as the podcast progressed.

One of the movies on his list I’ve never seen. And, quite frankly, after reading up on it, I think it will stay in my “Not Seen” column.

Other than these Bill Murray movies, Dave tries to talk about “Tex” but it sparks such a giggle fit from him, he is unable to finish what he started to say.

Maybe you’ll be surprised by some of the movies on our lists, or perhaps by the movies that aren’t on our lists.

Take a listen and find out!

As always, thanks for tuning in!



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