MACK #97: Bill & Ted Face The Music

Hiho! It’s us again!

This week we decided to watch Bill and Ted Face the Music so you don’t have to!

This movie is not good and on top of that it’s chock full of woke shit. I for one would rather be entertained with out someone pushing an agenda down my throat.

It’s a Bill and Ted movie for God’s sake.

So we discuss the movie and discuss woke culture and how it is ruining everything.

It has been sneaking into everything for the past decade and it’s nothing short of propaganda and I’m fairly sick of it.

Most recently it’s been snuck right into the newest Spiderman game. This gamer was not amused. If you have the time, I highly recommend reading the comment section.

So we have the Chinese changing Hollywood to make sure they’re always put in a good light and we have the socialists trying to force their version of morals on us in movies and video games and commercials and everywhere else they can.

They can all go fuck themselves.

The good news is Alex Winter has directed a Zappa documentary that looks very promising.

The even better news is that we finally got fast internet here in the middle of the woods and with that comes an exciting announcement!

Love you guys!