MACK #98: Raised on NYC Radio

Hi everyone! Welcome to our NYC Radio episode!

This one is a bit late and that is mostly tied into the special announcement we make toward the end of the show.

This week we discuss what it was like for each of us listening to New York City’s smorgasbord of radio offerings growing up. 

To be honest, I learned a lot about what makes Dave tick (after all these years!) just from this conversation. His radio listening experiences were quite a bit different than mine. And better. Definitely better.

In general, Dave’s experiences were way more adventurous than mine. Also, Dave’s memory of all of the shows and stations he listened to was pretty amazing. His radio experiences went way beyond just music.

In between our reminiscing we play clips from various stations and chat about how lucky we were to both live in a spot where there was so much different stuff to listen to.

Of course like most good things, the amazing-ness that was NYC Radio all came crashing down. We discuss what we think caused the death of radio which then leads to our announcement.

We’ve decided to start an online radio station! It’s up and running right now, though it still needs quite a bit of work. We’d love you to tune into us on and give us a listen.

We are still very much working on scheduling at this point and are also considering soliciting some top 10 lists from you guys so we can schedule in a block of music completely decided by you all.

If you’re new to this podcast, please do check out all of our episodes on our website And, of course, Dave has done quite a few reaction videos on our youtube channel, which you can find HERE.

Ok gang, that’s it for this week! Thanks so much for listening.

See you next time!