MACK #53: Dave On Power Trios

Wooohooo it’s time for another Dave On . . . episode!

For a brief moment I considered having us do a Top 5 Power Trios, with both of us contributing our own lists. However, when it comes to music I am just a listener and I realized that I may not even know what the fuck a Power Trio even is. And apparently, I was right. I really didn’t have a grasp on what makes a Power Trio a Power Trio.

Dave to the rescue!

In this episode he tells us what the true elements of a Power Trio are AND which ones, in his opinion, are the best.

I also read to him from’s list of Rock Power Trios to see if he agrees or disagrees with their choices.

At the front end of the show we also have a Glenn Scarpelli update brought to you courtesy of New York City’s own Mark Levitt ( who, for reasons we won’t divulge, has his finger on the pulse of all things Glenn Scarpelli.

We discuss some other things — and there is some pot talk — but mostly we’re all about the Power Trios!

Happy 4th of July everyone!