MACK #54: Dolemite Is My Name

Hey, hey, hey! We’re back from an extended hiatus!

Also this episode contains spoilers galore! So proceed at your own risk.

Recently Netflix released DOLEMITE IS MY NAME, a docudramedy/biopic chronicling the making of Rudy Ray Moore’s classic blaxsploitation flick, Dolemite.

Dolemite is my name, and fuckin’ up motherfuckers is my game!

Eddie Murphy is absolutely perfect as Rudy Ray Moore, the ambitious but heretofore unsuccessful dreamer who never intends to give up the hustle.

The movie opens with Moore working at a record store as assistant manager when a down-on-his-luck and probably addicted-to-something homeless hobo [Rico] walks into his workplace looking for some spare change. While he is being escorted off the premises Rico recites a poem of sorts about a man named “Dolemite.” Moore has a lightbulb moment, and seeks out Rico and his entertaining friends, looking for more poems and stories.

Armed with the stories, an impressive polyester wardrobe and a wig, Moore creates the Dolemite character, and takes his “comedy” act on the road.

[Dave offers that the name should have been “Stolemite.”]

Anyhoooooooooooo, Moore hears “No” after “No” but still refuses to give up on his dreams. Club dates lead to recording albums which eventually leads him to making the Dolemite movie.

Wesley Snipes as [director and co-star] D’Urville Martin is fantastic. I only wish he’d had a bigger role. SO FUCKING GREAT!

Murphy and Snipes both manage to nail the art of acting badly on purpose. I imagine it is way tougher than it seems.

There are a few cameos, some better than others, but that is always the case isn’t it?

After finishing Dolemite Is My Name I of course watched the original with a pair of fresh eyes. Knowing the background stories of the players really makes the movie much more enjoyable. That and taking a drink every time you see the boom mic enter the shot. [It happens A LOT! Hic]

After we discuss Dolemite we chat about an email I received from Bruce who has a web radio show every Friday night [7pm-9pm] entitled For Funk’s Sake.  I checked it out this past Friday and I definitely recommend you give it a listen if you love the funk! You can find his show at

Thanks for tuning in everyone! We’ll be back with another episode soon!