MACK #17: Bands That Shoulda!

Bands That Shoulda! AKA Bands that should’ve been more popular than they were.

The other day I [Shecky] was digging through the internet looking for a piece of music to go with a video I was editing. I went down a rabbit hole of sorts, searching for music that was edgy, cool but not necessarily known by everyone. And although my search ultimately led me to use a different kind of music entirely in the project, it did get me thinking about bands who never fully lived up to their potential.

Or maybe bands who Dave or I may love, that haven’t gotten nearly as much exposure as some of their contemporaries. Or bands that are popular in another country but not ours.

I think you get it.

Anyway, this is the theme of this episode of the Middle Aged Cool Kids Super Terrific Podcast featuring your pals —

Dave picked four that I’d never heard of at all. I liked 3 out of 4 of them. Especially one song I’m sure you can imagine how he felt about my picks.

Enjoy the show! This one was a lot of fun for us.




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