MACK #40: Fyrefest / Fyrefraud

Ahhh Fyrefest, that music festival no clear-thinking person even thought about going to. And maybe that’s the whole point, really.

Fyre Fraud is a Hulu documentary not only about the disaster that was the music festival itself, but also about the disaster that is the generation of the would-be attendees. To me, that was the bigger take away after watching their doc.

Dave and I discuss the festival, its players [Mcfarland, Ja Rule,  FuckJerry, etc] as well as the millennials who happily and blindly buy into anything and everything an “influencer” puts out on social media —  I really have no confidence in this segment of their generation when it comes to the future of this country.

We recommend the Hulu version as opposed to the Netflix version because Netflix actually put theirs together with Vice [fake news, sworn enemy of our beloved Gavin McInnes] AND FuckJerry media who are implicated in the $100MM law suit that is going forward regarding the festival. So, I’m not sure about its level of truthiness.

Anyway, thanks for tuning in! We appreciate you!


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