MACK #16: Scrutiny! Dave on Various Top 10 Drummers of ALL TIME lists.

If you didn’t know, Dave is a drummer. He loves music of all kinds, and plays a few instruments, but drums are his main thing. Jazz, Funk, Rock and everything in between — he’s been playing for nearly 40 years. And he’s always learning, always listening.

Many times I have said if you need a music lifeline on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire — he’s your guy.

Enough preamble! I knew that if I started pulling out some Top Ten Drummers of ALL TIME lists I found on le internets he would definitely have something to say. Dave’s reactions to infuriating things are generally hilarious, even here at home with the mics off. To be fair, sometimes they are a bit too much if I haven’t had my first cup o’ coffee of the morning, but that’s more on me.

Our lists come from:

So enjoy me reading off these Top Ten lists from various sites around the web and Dave agreeing or [mostly] not agreeing.

He knows his stuff.

Take a drink every time Dave says “NO” or is totally disgusted by a top ten list entrant.


PS His number one choice is not on any of the top ten lists we go through.

PPS Steve Gadd.

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