MACK #19: Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom PLUS!

Well, shit, I have a verbal crutch and it’s “I mean. . . ” and it is terrible and unfortunately front and center in this podcast. I’d suggest you take a drink every time I say it, but you would probably die before you got to the end, and I don’t want you missing a second of this episode!

Today we review Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom! There are a shit ton of spoilers, so don’t listen if you haven’t yet seen this movie, though that’s hard to fathom since it made 1.3 BILLION dollars since its release in June. Still, if you haven’t seen it and plan on seeing it, put this episode on the back burner.

We have a lot to say about the movie, the plot, the actors and the political shit they try to slip in there when they think you aren’t going to notice. We noticed mother fuckers.

We also talk about Glenn Scarpelli, as we received an urgent Scarpelli update while we were recording.

Then shit takes a dark turn when Dave brings up a Kennedy family secret that he thinks would make a great movie. He’s right.

Also we chat about Buzzy Linhart briefly. I made a documentary about him and we talk about how he had a bunch of brushes with greatness and showed up in all these weird places in movies. If you haven’t seen the doc [Famous: The Buzzy Linhart Story], it is on my youtube channel in the “Stuff I’ve edited” playlist.

So that’s Episode 19. Jurassic World, Glenn Scarpelli, The Kennedys, Buzzy Linhart, my shitty verbal crutch and so much more.



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