MACK #78: Dave On . . . The Blues

Hiyo! It’s time for another Dave On episode, this week Dave talks to me about The Blues!

We chat about the origin of blues, what makes a song a blues song, and Dave basically shits on anyone who isn’t bluesy.

We play a lot of music and also go through a Top Ten Blues Songs Of All Times list from American Blues Scene. Well, we thought it was the Top Ten Blues Songs Of All Times list but it turns out it was the Top Ten Blues Song INTROS Of All Times. So our bad on that, but be that as it may, Dave is not happy about most of the list which is delightful for me. When I told him that the list wasn’t what we thought it was he said “WHO WOULD DO THAT? WHO MAKES A LIST LIKE THAT?” So, my guess is, had we known the true purpose of said list he’d have shat all over it anyway.

Shat is a word that needs to be used more often. Past tense people! Let’s make it a thing!

Anywhooooo, lots of blues, lots of clips lots of me not understanding what Dave means.

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Have a great day!