MACK #86: Conspiracies, Unsolved Mysteries & Deep Dark Secrets #6

Woooo! It’s our sixth installment of our Conspiracies, Unsolved Mysteries & Deep Dark Secrets series!

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In these episodes I have a story for each topic and Dave gets to pick the order in which we discuss them.

First up this week:

Unsolved Mystery

Bobby Fuller’s fast track to super stardom ended way too soon. He was just 23 when he was found dead in his mother’s Oldsmobile.

From wikipedia:

“Within months of “I Fought the Law” becoming a top 10 hit, Fuller was found dead in an automobile parked outside his Hollywood apartment.[1] The Los Angeles deputy medical examiner, Jerry Nelson, performed the autopsy. According to Dean Kuipers:[7] “The report states that Bobby’s face, chest, and side were covered in ‘petechial hemorrhages,’ probably caused by gasoline vapors and the summer heat. He found no bruises, no broken bones, no cuts. No evidence of beating.” Kuipers further explains that boxes for “accident” and “suicide” were checked, but next to the boxes were question marks. Despite the official cause of death, some commentators believe Fuller was murdered.”

While Fuller’s death still remains a mystery, one half of this podcast has her suspicions as to what really happened.

Check out the full story here in the first segment of this episode of Unsolved Mysteries.


Next up —

Deep Dark Secret

Robert F Kennedy Jr. recently posted a rather lengthy instagram post. In it he exposes Bill Gates, his foundation and reveals the harm the vaccinations Gates pushes causes to the people who get them. Instagram won’t let you see his post if you don’t have an account, but don’t worry, I have screenshots!

In this post RFKJR goes into quite a bit of detail regarding the affects of the vaccines on those whom they inoculate. Sometimes the end result is paralysis, a lot of time it is sterilization.  Sometimes the result is death.

Sterilization! I just wanted to say that again. There is evidence that along with whatever disease they are supposedly vaccinating these folks for, they are also slipping in a sterilization component to the serum. Forced population control to unsuspecting people. Folks, this is fucking bullshit.

Now, are you just going to line up for The Gates Foundation’s CoVid 19 vaccine? Dave and I are a firm “Fuck No.”

Lastly, the next topic on our list is a —


This is a very new conspiracy and if you haven’t heard of it, I’m not surprised. Recently it was discovered that Wayfair has some very expensive utility cabinets for sale on their website. We’re talking 13 to 15 THOUSAND dollars for a cabinet you can get at Office Depot for maybe two hundred bucks. Here’s the kicker. The names of the cabinets are all the same EXCEPT for the addition of a very unique name added to the front of it. For exampe a Storage Cabinet would actually be called a “Neriah Storage Cabinet” or a “Yaritza Storage Cabinet” and so on. Those unique names in front of the words “storage cabinet” also happen to be the unique names of some missing children.

Dave and I discuss what this could possibly mean. Is Wayfair in the child trafficking business? Are people taking advantage of their third party selling arrangements and laundering money through the site? I personally think that money laundering is the very least that is happening here. Also, if you poke around the internet some you’ll see how blazingly FAST the usual suspects came down hard on this theory.

Below is a video of a gentleman discussing everything happening on the Wayfair website. As he’s scrolling through and clicking Wayfair is deleting these suspiciously high priced products in real time. It’s fairly spooky.


Now, if for some reason this video gets taken down from youtube I’d search for it over on bitchute, because someone will surely upload it there.

Speaking of bitchute, Owen Benjamin likes to talk about names and words and how they reveal a deeper meaning that kind of just hides in plain sight. What he had to say about Wayfair kind of blew my mind. Here’s a screenshot:

Crazy! If you haven’t watched Owen’s videos yet, you really should. He has a very unique take on a bunch of different subjects. In fact, his opinions are so unique he has been canceled from just about every social media platform there is. Plus Owen has been de-banked, meaning he can’t pay or get paid on line. Oh, and his mother was let go from her job because she is his mom. That’s the reason.

It’s pretty apparent, free speech is awfully costly these days. And while one may not agree with a lot of the folks that are being victimized by the cancel culture — and there are quite a few of them out there —  I feel like we should always support their right to speak freely.

I recently ditched twitter because of all the crazy shit that was scrolling fast and furiously on my timeline. Come join me on, where speech is and always will be free. Andrew Torba, the founder and big kahuna over at gab has also been de-banked. Why? you ask. Because he has a website that supports free speech. You know, that thing called the first amendment.

It’s unbelievable.

Anywhooo, if you’ve enjoyed this episode of Conspiracies, Unsolved Mysteries & Deep Dark Secrets be sure to check out the other five episodes we have in this series.

Thanks so much for listening, it’s appreciated, your appreciated. Everything and everyone is appreciated.

We’ll see you next time friends!