MACK #60: Old Bands New Music

Happy New Year good people!

This week’s episode is all about Old Bands & New Music. We’re talking classic rock era bands, bands that may or may not have been eligible to play at Woodstock.

For better or for worse some of these bands continue to put out new material.

It is pretty admirable given the state of the industry today. These new albums are not ever going to be money makers and the classic rock crowds will never clamor for the newer music. The music industry has changed and it hasn’t been for the better.

Anywhoooooo, I picked out 13 classic rock bands who have recently (2017 was the cut off point) put out new music. I asked Dave to give them all a listen and then rate them from worst to best.

One of the classic rock artist’s song we feature actually manages to choke our Dave up a bit. I was pretty taken aback by that to be honest, but he explains why he has that reaction and it makes perfect sense to me.

So, which old band’s new music is his number one? You just may be surprised by his pick!

Also, this is a long one, folks! I had a bunch of fun listening to Dave’s take on all of this stuff, I really hope you do too!