MACK #13: Music of the 80s Plus

Ah the 80s. If you were around back then you may remember them fondly. Or not.

What was considered popular music during the 80s was way different than the 70s. Synths and drum machines everywhere you looked. Aquanet, neon colors, leg warmers, perms and some not so great music.

Some of us [ok, me] stuck primarily to metal and hair bands, and others of us had almost zero desire to interact with anything that came out of the 80s at all. That would be Dave. There are some exceptions though and we discuss them!

We go through’s version of the top 10 80s songs of all time and I think there are only a few that we actually like.

Dave also tells the tale of “The Country Club” incident that Pete was kind enough to remind him about.

Take a drink every time I’m thoroughly confused by Dave.

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