MACK #12: Watch Along! Shark Lake

We had such a great response to our First House Episode (#11) I figured “Let’s really punish those new folks who may be listening with a cheesy Watch Along movie!”


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This week’s Watch Along is Shark Lake, starring the still handsome and still ridiculously fit Dolph Lundgren. Me. Ow.

The movie is professionally shot, fairly decently acted by nearly everyone plus it has a chase scene and a fight scene. My spidey senses tell me that there were some bits cut out of this movie along the way. Some things just don’t make a lot of sense. Also, the “special” effects are spectacularly awful specifically anything having to do with the lake. There is some more than questionable super imposing throughout Shark Lake. This movie deserved better for sure.

Shark Lake is a freebie full length movie brought to you courtesy of the fine folks at Popcornflix, if you always have a hankering for B/C movies, they should be a solid entry on your go-to list. Take a drink every time you root for the bad guy!

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