MACK #82: Dave On . . . The Best of The Best

Hello friends! We’re back with a brand new episode, Dave On . . . The Best of the Best!

A while back, Episode 58 in fact, we did a show all about the worst songs from the best bands. So this week I figured we’d spin that one around and get Dave to weigh in on the best songs from a list of the best bands.

As I was making the list of bands I truly thought this would be an easy one for our Dave. He knows so much about so many bands, I was sure he’d just rattle off songs and we’d be off to the races.


He does know the bands but has listened to their songs so much he has a bit of a skewed vision as to what’s their best. I felt at times like I was torturing him by trying to get him to name just one. I realized eventually I should have just asked for their best albums. It would have been way easier, and a heckuva a lot faster for him to shout out “QUADROPHENIA!” as opposed to naming every song on the album before settling on one. I guess that may be a semi-spoiler alert but do you really think you know which song he chose?

Also, there are a few bands he has no trouble naming what he considers to be their best songs. There’s one band in particular that he has A TON of trouble with. In the end Dave winds up making two song revisions to the list.

Anywho! As usual this episode was a lot of fun for us. We start off with Dave going down Anthony Cumia ( / Tony Danza memory lane. This, of course, leads to us playing part of a clip from when Opie & Anthony sent a producer of theirs to the line of people waiting to get into Tony Danza’s talk show with a cell phone. The producer pretended that Danza was on the phone wanting to speak with audience members prior to the show. They would get on the phone with Anthony who would then do his best Danza impression, which included him saying wholly inappropriate things about “his mule.” If you have the time you should definitely seek that out on the youtubes.

I hope you enjoy this one as much as we did! Lots of music and lots of Dave opinions.

Thanks for listening, it’s much appreciated!